SARTI Training

From the North:

Get on Route 29 S.

In Greene County - about 1 mile south of the Rapidan River - turn LEFT (East) on 609*.

Go 4.7 miles on 609, then turn RIGHT into a gravel driveway (sign and flagging)*. If you come to route 644 you have missed the driveway.

At the driveway , flagging tape will be set up to minimize damage to the homeowners lawn. PASS the house and drive aback about 1/4 mile.


From the West and the rest of the state:

I-81 North or South to I-64 EAST. At Charlottesville, take 29 NORTH for approximately 20 miles. About 3 miles North of Ruckersville, turn RIGHT (East) on Route 609*, and follow directions above.


* - indicates a SARTI sign will be posted.